Learn About Nick

When was the last time the whole family agreed on something to listen to? With a generous blend of rock, pop, reggae, jazz and funk, Nick Deysher and In the Nick of Time delivers music for all, big and small. His clever lyrics and cheerful tunes will catch your ear and have you tapping your toes and singing along.

It’s rare to find music that delights children, parents and educators alike. Children enjoy the imagination and whimsy of Nick’s music that transports them to outer space in one song and then back in time 65 million years ago to stomp around with the dinosaurs in another. Parents love that Nick keeps their sensibilities in mind and draws upon influences of the Beatles, Bob Marley, and Paul Simon (just to name a few). Educators appreciate that In the Nick of Time’s music explores numbers, animals, seasons and foreign languages, but above all, makes learning fun.

Nick’s live performances are a high-energy celebration – kids of all ages are laughing, jumping and singing along. Deysher admits that he often gets tackled by the audience at the end of the performance. “Ultimately, I always felt like a big kid myself, and I just loved writing music for kids. I enjoy it so much and it’s very rewarding.”

As long as he can remember, Nick Deysher has been making music. After earning a BA in Jazz Composition at Bates, the Massachusetts native began sharing his love of music with children as a preschool teacher. The children in his class enjoyed his music so much, parents began asking Deysher for a CD. In 2001, Nick released his first children’s album, One Man Band. His blend of musical styles and genres became an instant hit.

Nick followed One Man Band with 2003’s In the Nick of Time. He built a large following in the northeast touring and playing parties, fairs, and children’s radio. Nick moved to Coconut Grove, Florida in 2005 to pursue his master’s degree in Media Writing and Studio Music Production at the University of Miami. In 2006, Nick was honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his dedication to children’s music with the prestigious Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship.

In 2007 Nick released Coconut Groove. It has gone on to become a great success across the nation and on iTunes. The follow up to Coconut Groove is 2009’s People, Places and Things which delivers more of that great In The Nick of Time Music that fans have grown to love over the past decade. People, Places and Things was  awarded a Gold Medal from the Parents’ Choice Foundation!

In 2011 Making Silly Faces, a follow-up to People, Places and Things and Coconut Groove was released. It has gone on to achieve similar praise and success in the media winning  1st Place and The Editor’s Choice in the She Knows Parenting Awards as well as being named one of Parents Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year. In The Nick of Time has appeared on NBC 6 in Miami for their Live Miami @ 11 news magazine program as well as on WERS Boston and WXOJ in Northampton.