Live on NBC channel 6

Live @ The Parlor Room, Northampton

Pillow Fort Theater: Episode 1, “The Jungle”

Live at WRSI Meltdown Family Music and Book Fest

Mama Don’t Allow Music Video

Lakeside Jams Episode 1: Making Silly Faces

Lakeside Jams Episode 2: People, Places and Things

Lakeside Jams Episode 3: Scrub a Dub a Dub

Lakeside Jams Episode 4: Down on Lemongrass Lane

Lakeside Jams Episode 5: The Otter Song

CD Release 2011

White House Easter Egg Roll 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Earth Day 2011

Live Performance @ Barnes and Noble, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Happy Halloween 2010

My First Music Video, it’s been blowing up on YouTube since 2007.

Happy President’s Day 2010.

Live @ Voices 4 Children Festival in Coral Gables, FL 2007

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