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USA Today

"Nick Deysher, the man behind In The Nick of Time, has built a steady career making fun and educational music for kids. His experience as a preschool teacher means his songs are easy to understand. While his master's degree in music production means even adults can appreciate his well written jams."


The Miami Herald

"Nick is like the Pied Piper: you just have to hear his music and you can’t help but stop and listen and want to hear more. The music is funky, fun, ageless and educational. Kids, parents and teachers alike agree, and that’s a hard balance to set."


NBC 6 Miami

"Finding music that kids and parents can love together can be a little bit challenging, but in the nick of time is teacher and musician Nick Deysher and his wife Tracey Freitag who show us how kids can have fun while being involved and really loving music."


The Sun Sentinel

"Who says music for youngsters can’t have parents humming and toe-tapping along, as well? With his newest CD titled “Making Silly Faces,” musician Nick Deysher says parents may find themselves flashing back to their own childhoods."


The Television Academy

"Nicholas Deysher will receive the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation's second Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship, underwritten by Ernst & Young Llp. The scholarship will be presented during the 33rd. Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. "


WLRN Public Radio

"Known in some circles as “The Toddler Whisperer” for his ability to connect with young kids, Nick Deysher has a knack for creating music that kids love. Their live concerts are especially geared to keeping little ones engaged, with plenty of movement and a fun stage rapport."


Parents' Choice

"Nick Deysher (performing as the cleverly named In the Nick of Time) combines his musical pedigree with a finely tuned ear to both the interests and concerns of young children. Deysher delivers fun, memorable, age appropriate songs balanced within music and instrumentation that demonstrates what multi-cultural music has to offer. "


Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Nick Deysher, of Leeds MA, is an award-winning musician. He has blended his love of music with his passion for teaching young children. Since 2000, he’s been doing just that. He write his own brand of kids’ music. His latest album is a celebration of 100 years of popular music and a musical trip around the globe."

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