Live on NBC 6 Miami

In 2011 Nick and Tracey (along with the In The Nick of Time Dancers) promote the release of Making Silly Faces  on Live Miami @ 11.

Lakeside Jams: Making Silly Faces

Filmed on the shores of Lake Winnisquam. Nick and Tracey play the title track from Making Silly Faces.

Mama Don't Allow

From 2014’s Fun O’Clock, here is Nick’s tribute to Adam (MCA) Yauch. Featuring the one and only Mista Cookie Jar.

Asparagus Festival 2016

The whole band join Nick and Tracey for WGBY’s annual Asparagus Festival. 

The Dinosaur Song Video

With over 1 MILLION views, 2007’s “Dinosaur Song” video is undeniably In The Nick of Time’s biggest hit!

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